Project size and calculation speed

CadnaA offers an outstanding calculation performance even for large and complex projects. Thanks to powerful acceleration techniques and refined algorithms, CadnaA is the fastest software on the market.

Further performance improvements are based on up-to-date and innovative technologies. This includes a true native 64-Bit version, multithreading support when using multi-core computers and PCSP technology for distributed calculation.

Unlimited Project size

Unlimited project size

CadnaA handles projects of any size. As far as one CadnaA file can include:

  • 16 million objects for each kind of object
  • 2 billion of points with each object
  • 2 billion times 2 billion of grid points

There are practically no limits set by the software regarding the number of objects. Therefore, the only limit is defined by the memory size of the hardware.

64-Bit version

64-Bit software

CadnaA is a 64-Bit software which has the potential of using up to 4 billion times more memory, compared to a 32-bit application. This means that CadnaA can compute large scale noise mapping projects, even of entire countries, or extremely fine grid areas of 1x1 m very fast and conveniently.

Distributed calculation

With the powerful PCSP technology (Program Controlled Segmented Processing) CadnaA manages limitations due to the hardware used. The calculation of a large file can be distributed within several CadnaA calculation processes. If several computers with CadnaA licenses are available for calculation within a network, they can also work on the same project file at the same time.

To this end, the total project is subdivided into sections defined by the user which are loaded automatically into each participating computer one after another for calculation. Finally, all sections are merged again to obtain a single noise map.

Multiprocessor Support

Multiprocessor support

CadnaA makes use of multithreading and, therefore, uses the full capacity of up to 64 multiprocessors*. Practically all new desktop- and laptop-PCs feature multiprocessors and offer a reasonable increase in calculation performance when calculating large noise maps. For example, a two quad-core 64-Bit processor (providing 8 CPUs) enables the calculation of 8 CadnaA-batch-processes in parallel within one single CadnaA license. 

This feature can be used in distributed calculations as well. Thanks to the PCSP technology, parts of the project can also be calculated in parallel with several processors of a multi-core computer. CadnaA automatically organizes and manages the required processes.

*Option PRO required. (CadnaA 32-Bit can use only up to 32 multiprocessors)