Industry Acoustics

Industry Acoustics comprise a wide range of applications which are succesfully managed by CadnaR. From the simple determination of the noise impact at work spaces to the full assessment and improvement of a industrial hall, CadnaR has been especially designed for the particular requirements of any project.

Modelling and assessment of industrial halls

Acoustic machine models can be reused from previous projects. Importing these pre-designed machine models and their positioning to fit the current layout efficiently creates acoustic models of industrial halls.

The acoustic assessment can focus on various aspects. Of course, noise levels at the workplaces are of outmost interest since they need to comply with the regulations for a healthy working environment. In addition, reverberation time and sound decay curves allow to assess the acoustic quality and indicate if noise reduction measures are required.

Acoustic machine modelling

Although the modeling of the machines and their sound emission is essential  for any simulation in industry acoustics, it strongly depends on the machine itself and the underlying acoustic question of how detailed the machine is modeled in the specific situation. While point sources are good approximations for small machines, larger machines will often need more complex acoustic representations including several sound radiating areas and screening objects to fully include the directivity in the acoustic model - especially if the noise level at a workplace next to the machine is of interest.

CadnaR facilitates the creation and handling of machine models of any degree of detail and offers tools to assign, calibrate and verify the sound power level of the acoustic machine model taking into account emission parameters specifed by the machine manufacturer according to the EC guideline 2006/42/EC or measured levels (for example obtained from measurements following the ISO 3744 on an enveloping surface or known noise levels at the workplaces under free field conditions according to ISO 11204).

Determination of optimal acoustic solutions

CadnaR is designed to efficiently handle and compare different planning scenarios and therefore allows to find a tailored acoustic concept to improve the situation in your specific project. Whether or not an acoustic baffle ceiling is appropiate, if it needs to cover the whole ceiling or just parts of it, or if additional wall absorbers are necessary, can be easily checked. CadnaR allows the same easy comparison between newly planned scenarios with additional screening measures or even new layout proposals with a more effective positioning of the machines.

This ensures a target-oriented planning and helps to provide the optimal solution causing the minimal economic effort while still complying with the acoustic requirements.