Scan your rooms with the new CadnaR.scan app and import them into CadnaR 2024 MR1 directly!

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New CadnaR.scan App Available!

Now use CadnaB 2024 to consider the structural reverberation time in accordance with ISO 12354-1 Annex C!

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Learn more about the new features of CadnaB 2024 and update now!

CadnaA is now available with Cloud Licensing (CL). Choose one of our new CadnaA CL products and run the software without Hardware USB dongle!

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New CadnaA CL Products Available!
New CadnaR.scan App Available!

New CadnaR.scan App Available!

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CadnaB 2024 Out Now!

Learn more about the new features of CadnaB 2024 and update now!

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New CadnaA CL Products Available!

New CadnaA CL Products Available!

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Software for Immission Protection

We are the leading software companies in the field of acoustics. Our focus is the ongoing development of our software systems for the calculation of noise outdoors (CadnaA), for the assessment of sound distribution indoors (CadnaR) and for the calculation of sound transmission between rooms (CadnaB). Our Software is used by governmental agencies, airports, road and railway authorities, international industrial enterprises as well as by leading consulting companies around the world.

noise prediction software

Environmental noise

CadnaA is the leading software for the calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise.

The building acoustics
planning system

Building acoustics

CadnaB is the software to calculate airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms for an entire building including airborne sound transmission from and to the exterior.

Prediction of sound
inside rooms

Indoor acoustics

CadnaR is the powerful software for the calculation and assessment of sound inside rooms and at workplaces.

Fields of application

Noise Outdoors

Industry Noise

Road and Railway Noise

Aircraft Noise

City Noise Mapping

Indoor Acoustics

Industry Acoustics

Room Acoustics

We develop software for environmental protection

We are proud to be considered as one of the leading developers of software for immission protection. Our products for the calculation and prediction of environmental noise, interior sound and air pollutant distribution as well as for building acoustics are state-of-the-art. The main objective of our work is the implementation of the noise propagation theory into easy-to-use software. Therefore, one of the most valued advantages of our programs is their high usability and flexibility, while the existence of sophisticated tools and options allow to handle any complex project. These are key points to the successful application of our software worldwide.

More about our products

Another relevant aspect of our work is the constant research and consulting both at national and international levels. Examples of this are the development and improvement of noise calculation methods and standards by participating in international working groups or the adjustment of the calculation procedures and strategies for their application in different software environments.

More about our company

Last but not least, DataKustik is committed to democratize the use of noise mapping and interior sound software. One of the most important activities to reach this target is the continuous training and education of professionals, users of our software, consultancy companies and acoustic departments at the administration in any field in acoustics. We also collaborate with the most relevant universities across the globe in order to introduce future new professionals into our world.

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