Scan your rooms and import them into CadnaR directly!

Overview of CadnaR.scan

With CadnaR.scan, you can quickly create a digital room model of your surroundings. The model can then be imported into CadnaR for further acoustical processing.

Main functions at a glance:

  • Room capture (LiDAR sensor required)
    • Augmented reality-based scanning of floor plans for iPhone and iPad*:
    • Quickly create simplified 3D scans of rooms and entire floors, including walls, built-in wall elements, and objects in the room.
    • Real-time feedback: The intelligent dollhouse visualization at the bottom of the application shows the progress of the scan during room capture. This way, you can always keep track of captured objects.
  • Manage Scans
    • Keep track of your room scans using the clear list view. Here you can share and edit files, as well as switch to the detailed view of the selected 3D scan with a simple tap of your finger.
  • 3D View
    • Navigate through your room virtually in the 3D view, make changes as needed with basic editing tools, and share your planning directly from this view – without detours.
  • Share/export room scans
    • Share 3D scans selectively: Decide what should be exported – only the architecture or the entire scan?

*Scanning rooms requires a device with a LiDAR sensor and at least iOS 16. If these requirements are not met, features such as 3D editing and sharing of imported scans are available.