Road and Railway Noise

CadnaA is the leading software for the calculation, assessment, prediction and presentation of traffic noise, with many thousands of kilometers already modelled worldwide. Roads, parking lots and railway lines can be modelled very conveniently to calculate the noise immission in the vicinity and to derive decisions about further noise reduction plans. Efficient workflows are used to tackle specific problems, such as the optimization of different noise reduction measures or comparisons of various scenarios.

Assessment of traffic noise

Many road and railway administrations as well as consultancies rely on CadnaA to assess actual, future or modified road networks. Regardless of the size of your projects,CadnaA is perfectly equipped to handle, calculate and present even large areas.


Noise assessment during the construction phase

Although the construction phase is limited in time, the noise emissions are quite often extremely stressfull for the neighbouring residents. Therefore a thorough planning of the construction and the accompanying noise emissions is essential. CadnaA allow our users to define the operating times of any machinery and therefore helps to identify the most critical conditions.

In addition, CadnaA helps to assess the noise in the immediate vicinity of the construction site and the additional acoustic stress caused further away by the construction-related trucks driving on public roads. This way, a sligthly altered construction schedule might prove to strongly reduce the noise levels. 

Determination of optimal measures against noise

An essential part of many traffic noise projects is the evaluation of the right measures to mitigate the noise. Of course, it would be best if the regulatory limits are exceeded nowhere, but this quite often is not realistic in dense populated urban areas. CadnaA allows you to calculate and assess many scenarios with different measures so that it is possible to identify the one with the best efficiency. These measures include noise barriers of varying height but also speed restrictions of the traffic, modifications of the street surface or the addition of dampeners to the rails.

A lot of users take advantage of the advanced project organization philosophy of CadnaA which ensures an efficient scenario comparison to test and document any single measure or a combination of them.