CadnaB Features

CadnaB is the most advanced software for predicting the sound insulation for an entire building. CadnaB can be applied to predict the acoustical performance between rooms in apartment and office buildings, between classrooms in schools, and between rooms in hotels or hospitals.Learn more about the major features of CadnaB:



CadnaB calculates the airborne and impact sound transmisson in third-octave band width and for single number values. The calculation is performed for each room pair of an entire building, taking into account various transmission paths.

Handling / Modelling


CadnaB features a comprehensive user interface allowing the direct modelling of of an entire multi-storey building from scratch.



CadnaB provides an easy to use import of BASTIAN worksheets. It also can be connected to CadnaR and CadnaA for an extended transmission calculation from the outside to the inside and vice-versa.

Material databases


Several databases on building element data are available for CadnaB. Additionally, it is possible to add user-defined constructions to your own database.

Presentation of results


Take advantage of modern tools for displaying results with the purpose of presentation and further analysis.