CadnaB Handling and Modelling

CadnaB features a modern yet easy user interface which has been developed from scratch, allowing to model complete buildings with a few clicks.

Click to watch a demonstrative video

Handling and Modelling

CadnaB´s concept is based on the modelling of the whole building. Walls, doors, windows and other elements can be modelled in 2D while seeing the changes in 3D in realtime:

  • Numerous junction types are automatically detected by CadnaB depending on the geometry of the walls and the selected constructions.
  • In addition to the geometry of the walls and the assigned constructions, doors and  windows can be inserted with a few clicks. The construction of these elements is also selected via the construction browser.
  • Furthermore, airborne sound transmitting systems can be added.
  • Complete buildings can be imported, created from scratch or constructed by copying storeys.
Click to watch a demonstrative video

Import of Bitmap floor plans

CadnaB supports the import of bitmap files, e.g. containing the floor map. Bitmaps can be comfortably calibrated within CadnaB. Afterwards, entire storeys with multiple rooms or even entire buildings can be easily modelled by drawing the elements on top.

Project Organization

The CadnaB workflow is organised in different modes. Each mode is suited for a certain group of tasks:

  • Project mode: used for entering new objects or modifying exiting objects. In this mode, any type of element can be filtered and displayed.
  • Constructions mode: This mode is used to assign constructions to walls, doors, windows or floors. When an object is opened, the construction browser appears showing all libraries.
  • Results mode: This mode allows to start the calculation, check the results and export a report.
  • Usage mode: In this mode you can assign different types of usage to the rooms within your project.
  • Noise levels: For defining sound levels for rooms or façade walls.