CadnaR Features

CadnaR is a powerful and easy to use indoor sound calculation software. Every single feature has been designed only to ensure that you can handle your projects in the most convenient and efficient way. Due to its feature richness it would be extremely difficult to list them all here. We have comprised the most relevant ones in the following sections:

Handling and modelling

Easy handling

Experience how even complex indoor spaces are easily modeled by using CadnaR comprehensive interface and modelling features.

Calculation technology

Advanced technology

Highly efficient calculation techniques are implemented in CadnaR in order to address the widest range of indoor applications.

Results and standards

Intuitive analysis

CadnaR features for the analysis and further processing of calculation results make it the most flexible sound calculation program on the market.

Visual and aural presentation

Powerful presentations

Take advantage of CadnaR state-of-the-art result display for the purpose of analysis and presentation.