Presentation and export of results

Besides its powerful calculation technology, CadnaA is well known for its richness of presentation and display features. In fact, many users make engaging presentations of results directly in CadnaA so they are able to discuss noise reduction measures and even making further modifications in real time. 


CadnaA features a powerful, OpenGL based 3D view, which serves several purposes: use it to quickly check your model, or for changing objects due to the direct access to them which you also have in 3D mode or use it for presenting results to customers. With the 3D-Special you will be able to:

  • Include 3D Models such as trees, trains, cars, to present mitigation measures and their visual effects to third parties.
  • Build realistic scenes including sky textures, bitmaps on Facades and day / night lightning environments.
  • Video recording: The Dynamic 3D allows in real-time to drive through or even fly over your project model. It is also possible to define a path and record a video in AVI format for any tour. It is even possible to generate animated 3D Noise Maps*for moving sources.
  • Stereoscopic 3D: CadnaA can display 3D-Special views as Stereo images on external 3D-TV sets or monitors.

*Option X required

Result tables

The Result table shows all results at receiver and façade points, but the headers and contents of each column can be defined by the user.  Display all desired result properties including scenario comparisons in highly adaptable tables. It is even possible to display the results from formulas making use of variables or other column contents in the result table. The result table is designed to be built from scratch, but predefined templates can be also used.


With the PlotDesigner, arbitrary print-outs can be designed in a flexible and friendly way. No matter whether you start from scratch or use any predefined template, you will be able to arrange any view, grid map and detail of your project on one or several pages for printing. As an example, you may display the plan view of your project besides several 3D-Special-views or cross sections. In case you recalculate or modify the project, the plot will automatically be updated including any further existing variants.

Export formats

CadnaA includes by default an extensive list of export formats. In most of the cases, not only calculated results, but also the geometries - e.g. isophones - can be exported. Last, but not least, CadnaA is able to export full reports to Ms Office suite (.doc and .xls formats) using templates.

Generation of online noise maps

Interactive web presentations of noise maps can be generated in a very comfortable way. CadnaA projects are exported to an end-user browser format that can be published into a webpage. The export is performed in an automated manner*, generating all the necessary files (including web-bitmaps) within one click. The last step is to upload the exported data together with the Online Noise Map template into any web platform.

This way, noise map results can be checked by the public on any computer or even touch screen devices connected to the Internet.

*Option X Required