The Complete Solution for Airport and Urban Noise Planning

Overview of CadnaA CL City & Airport

CadnaA CL City & Airport is the perfect option for noise calculations of existing or planned airports as well as for noise mapping projects including airports. CadnaA CL City & Airport includes everything from CadnaA CL Industry, CadnaA CL Road and CadnaA CL City extended by the following aircraft-relevant features:

  • One calculation standard for noise type Aircraft included. Further calculation standards are available on demand.
  • Easy modelling of airports, aircraft routes and ground operations such as taxiways, APU operations (auxiliary power units) and engine test runs.   
  • Extensive aircraft noise and performance database included. Additionally, the import of ANP database for calculation standards ECAC Doc 29 and ICAO Doc 9911 is available.
  • Easy import of radar tracks from FANOMOS (Flight Track and Aircraft Noise Monitoring System), which is used by several European countries to record flight tracks.
  • Calculation of maximum level statistics and NATs (Number above threshold) if available for the calculation standard.
  • Evaluation of multiple source effect considering all four noise types industry, road, railway and aircraft.
Vertical noise level grid calculated at an airport during landing operations.
This video shows a planning situation with road and aircraft noise. In addition, the "effect related substitution level" maps have been calculated for Lden and Lnight. These maps show the aircraft noise levels expressed as the road noise level which has the same effect on health. The number of highly annoyed and sleep disturbed persons by type of noise can be also calculated and shown on each bulding.
Radar track filter dialog. After importing the tracks, Cadna A offers several clean-up tools to avoid typical deficiencies (such as complex geometry or tracks which don´t fit the right runways). In addition, RADAR filtering allows the selection of tracks for the calculation according to several criteria. All RADAR tracks that do not comply with the criteria will be deactivated.
Noise protection zones of 67 dB and 62 dB. The flight contours are automatically generated from the noise grid results by just one click.

Applications of CadnaA CL City & Airport

Noise calculation in the vicinity of airports
Analysis of measures against aircraft noise, such as sound proof windows
Determination of Noise Protection Zones based on i.e. the number of events above threshold
Estimation of the combined effect of multiple sources on human health
Noise impact of ground operations such as taxiways, APU operations and engine test runs (depends on the calculation standard)
Assessment of noise of heliports (depends on the calculation standard)
Planning of route modifications based on noise calculations of real flights (Option FLG-Radar Tracks required)
EU Strategic Noise Mapping of cities and airports combined

Advanced EU Noise Mapping Capabilities with Option X and Option L

CadnaA CL City extends its functionality with Options X and L to facilitate EU Noise Mapping in compliance with the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. This option integrates unlimited project size (Option L) as well as a set of advanced post-processing features (Option X):

  • Unlimited Project Size: Calculate large-scale projects with an unlimited number of screening objects.

  • Evaluation of the impact on the population according to all procedures included in EU 1226/2021 and EU 2020/367.

  • Statistical Analysis to evaluate the area size for each level interval according to EU 1226/2021.

  • Population density: Automatically distribute residents to buildings with consideration of building size and number of floors.  

  • Conflict Maps Generation: Create conflict maps to visually represent areas with potential noise issues.

  • Customization & Automation with LUA Scripting to automate CadnaA tasks and create user-defined functionalities.

Calculation of noise based on real flights with Option FLG-Radar Tracks

CadnaA CL City & Airport extends its functionality with Option FLG-Radar Tracks to import and filter Radar flight information from the most relevant formats and use it for the calculation of aircraft noise.

  • Aircraft noise calculation based on radar data.

  • Import Radar data from Fanomos, Stanly and Topsonic formats, or defined by the user

  • Time period selection.

  • Automatic group classification according to ICAO-code upon calculation.

  • Automatic filtering of RADAR tracks based on attributes.

Product information

CadnaA CL City & Airport is available as product Professional only. A number of options can be added such as the Options X andfor EU Noise Mapping Projects or the Option FLG-Radar Tracks for calculation based on radar tracks. Check the Scope of Performance document to learn more about this product.