The Industry Standard Tool for Noise Calculations

Overview of CadnaA CL Industry

CadnaA CL Industry is especially designed for acousticians specialized in industrial installations. Applications range from the calculation of industrial sites, wind farms or mining plants to HVACs, PAGA systems or even open air events. In addition to the extensive functions for modelling, assessment and presentation of CadnaA, the product CadnaA CL Industry includes the following industry-specific features:

  • All calculation standards for noise type Industry included.
  • Input of sources as point, line or area with many options to define emission such as corrections, directivity, operating time and many more.
  • Easy import of emission data as .txt or .xlsx file, for example as sound power level (Lw) or indoor sound level (Li). The data is stored in a database and can be shared across multiple projects or users.
  • Extensive possibilities for project organization with the Object Tree. This enables the assessment of complex scenarios to determine relevant sources or source groups.
  • Definition of a 2D, 3D or rotationally symmetrical directivity, which is especially relevant for the calculation of loudspeakers used for PAGA systems or open air events.
  • Calculation of 1/3 octave band width (if supported by calculation standard).
  • Calculation of maximum levels for each receiver.
  • Convenient functions such as a calculator to add or subtract A/B/C/D weighting to an existing spectrum or to convert a 1/1 octave band spectrum to 1/3 (and vice versa).
Calculation of the sound pressure level caused by the air conditioning at a receiver point. The result is presented through 3D visualization
This video shows the organization of objects in groups within the ObjectTree. All ObjectTree folders are then assigned to specific scenarios called variants. This allows to compare different situations from one single project file. All information, including the results of the calculations is saved as well.
Here, a new commercial area has been optimized with regards to the noise limits at the receiver locations. After the optimization procedure, the compatible sound power levels for each source area are shown. (Option BPL required)
Horizontal noise map of the coverage of an alarm system within an offshore oil platform. The map demonstrates that the loudspeakers are at least 10 dB(A) above background noise and the total sound pressure level is not greater than 120 dB(A).
The complex system shown consists of a ventilator, several pipes and a chimney mouth. Each part is defined by technical parameters and connected between them. When an improvement (i.e. a silencer) is placed at different positions, the sound emission of the whole system changes. (Option SET required)

Applications of CadnaA CL Industry

CadnaA CL Industry is successfully applied in a wide range of situations than just the pure industry field:

Noise optimization of industrial sites
Noise impact assessment of wind farms
Installation of loudspeakers for events outdoors
Noise assessment of mining plants
Configuration of Public and General Alarm (PAGA) systems
Planning of construction sites
Noise reduction design for HVAC systems
Calculation and optimization of Sound Power Level for complex systems

Product information: Light vs Professional

CadnaA CL Industry is available as two different products: Light and Professional. Check the Scope of Performance document to learn more about the differences.


  • Limited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 16 cores

  • No options available


  • Unlimited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 64 cores

  • Possibility to add options