The All-Round solution for Urban Noise Calculations

Overview of CadnaA CL City

CadnaA CL City is the perfect tool when all three noise types (industry, road, railway) are relevant. Common scenarios are the calculation of city or urban noise planning or the EU strategic noise mapping. CadnaA CL City includes everything from CadnaA CL Industry and CadnaA CL Road extended by the following railway-specific features:

  • All calculation standards for noise type Railway included.
  • Convenient input of emission data based on railway specific parameters such as number of trains, track type correction, bridge correction or consideration of speed limitation.
  • Extensive library with pre-defined train classes for many calculation standards included.
  • Calculation of tunnel openings based on industrial sources.
  • Easy creation of bridges as a screening object along the track.
  • Evaluation of the multiple source effect considering all three noise types industry, road and railway.
  • Automatic consideration of directivity for train classes (if applicable for the calculation method).
  • Convenient import of train classes and number of trains via txt file or Excel sheet.
  • Evaluation of up to 16 variants representing different traffic scenarios or noise protection measures such as noise barriers in different height.
3D Visualization of a city noise map (horizontal) and noise results on the facades of the buildings.
In this video the bitmap-import is first shown on the example of Google Maps, followed by an import via the Web Map Service of As shown conclusively, the feature “Show on Google Maps” opens a new window inside your installed browser and navigates directly to the given position on Google Maps.
Building noise map of a combined situation of traffic and railway noise, taking into account the screening effect of the noise barriers over the bridge.
This video shows the application of a Lua Script (Option X required). The script actually makes the following actions: 1) Looks for buildings with no height and applies 20 m; 2) deactivates roads and railways which are passing through tunnels; 3) Assigns the right area of land use; 4) Corrects the height of other obstacles such as roads, foliage areas, etc.
Noise reduction of a proposed sound barrier. The noise map is the difference between the noise map without barrier and the map with barrier.

Applications of CadnaA CL City

CadnaA CL City has a suite of features specifically engineered to address a wide array of applications. Since all features of CadnaA CL Industry and CadnaA CL Road are included, the applications presented there also apply.

Assessment of the impact of industrial parks in mixed urban areas
Calculation of industrial, road and railway noise, separately or combined in one model
Assessment of new developments of urban areas
Analysis of new measures against noise within urban environments
Analysis of sound-proof windows
Noise impact assessment of leisure activities and sports
Determination of the combined effect of different types of noise on human health (i.e. Annoyed Persons, Sleep Disturbance, etc.)
EU Strategic Noise Mapping of entire cities

Advanced EU Noise Mapping Capabilities with Option X and Option L

CadnaA CL City extends its functionality with Options X and L to facilitate EU Noise Mapping in compliance with the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. This option integrates unlimited project size (Option L) as well as a set of advanced post-processing features (Option X):

  • Unlimited Project Size: Calculate large-scale projects with an unlimited number of screening objects.

  • Evaluation of the impact on the population according to all procedures included in EU 1226/2021 and EU 2020/367.

  • Statistical Analysis to evaluate the area size for each level interval according to EU 1226/2021.

  • Population density: Automatically distribute residents to buildings with consideration of building size and number of floors.  

  • Conflict Maps Generation: Create conflict maps to visually represent areas with potential noise issues.

  • Customization & Automation with LUA Scripting to automate CadnaA tasks and create user-defined functionalities.

Product information: Light vs Professional

CadnaA CL City is available as two different products: Light and Professional. Check the Scope of Performance document to learn more about the differences.


  • Limited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 16 cores

  • No options available


  • Unlimited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 64 cores

  • Possibility to add options