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Get more information about available options and databases included in CadnaB. Do not hesitate to contact us if any question arises.

Software Maintenance

With CadnaB, you are not only purchasing a great software product, but you can also gain access to a highly professional support:

Software Updates

CadnaB is a highly advanced building acoustics planning system software. Significant measures with far reaching consequences are based on the calculated results. In order to keep your software up to date with new or modified calculation methods, the software maintenance is essential. Only software maintenance ensures that you always use the newest technology.

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Besides updates, our software maintenance includes direct hotline by our team of highly experienced engineers and IT-specialists with expertise in all areas of noise calculations. If you encounter any CadnaB specific problems, just fill out our support form.

Hotline support requires a valid software maintenance contract.

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Tutorials & Trainings

Educate yourself with our extensive collection of tutorial videos. This online-based training is an efficient way to learn not only about the basic handling of CadnaB but also about the latest developments, without leaving your office.

In order to keep you updated with the latest developments, we also provide training at all levels as well as application-oriented workshops in a frequent basis.

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