The Professional Planing Tool for Road Emissions

Overview of CadnaA CL Road

For the calculation of road noise CadnaA CL Road is the perfect solution. Common applications are the evaluation of existing or new roads, the optimization of noise barriers, the calculation of tunnels or even EU noise mapping projects. CadnaA CL Road includes everything from CadnaA CL Industry extended by the following road-specific features:

  • All calculation standards for noise type Road included.
  • Convenient input of emission data based on road specific parameters such as average daily traffic density, exact count data, speed limit and road surface.
  • Calculation of parking lots according to multiple guidelines.
  • Modelling and calculation of tunnel openings with usage of industrial sources.
  • Detailed input of traffic data such as different traffic for each hour of the day, different speed limitation at day and night or varying road width.
  • Automatic evaluation of the road gradient correction based on the 3D geometry of the road.
  • Select road width based on a predefined list of cross sections.
  • Evaluation of up to 16 variants representing different traffic scenarios or noise protection measures such as noise barriers in different height.
  • Easy assessment of a building with automatic placement of receivers on all sides.
Calculation results at two receivers close to a construction site. During the construction phase, the number of movements of the machinery as well as the percentage of heavy vehicles accessing the construction site varies during the daily hours. The calculation shows the noise during the daily period and the noise increase during the loudest hour (10:00 - 11:00)
The video shows the fitting of the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to the object type road. The action is invoked through the Modify Objects menu and can be applied to the whole project at once.
Two situations are planned within this project. The first is a long noise barrier which makes the noise drop far below the noise limiting value. The second barrier has been optimized by CadnaA by adding parts with varying height until the noise levels meets the noise limit defined by the regulation. All scenarios are organized within the same project file.
The video shows the calculation of the pass-by level of a car moving along the road. The effect of the barrier can be then evaluated.

Applications of CadnaA CL Road

CadnaA CL Road covers all type of applications in the field of the assessment of road noise. Since all features of CadnaA CL Industry are also included, the applications presented there also apply. 

Assessment of traffic noise
Optimization of noise barriers
Noise calculations in parking lots
Assessment of special traffic nodes
Planning of measures against noise such as speed restrictions or modifications of the pavement surface
Modelling of tunnel openings
EU Noise Mapping of major roads
Noise assessment during construction phase for road and industry sources

Product information: Light vs Professional

CadnaA CL Road is available as two different products: Light and Professional. Check the Scope of Performance document to learn more about the differences.


  • Limited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 16 cores

  • No options available


  • Unlimited number of sources / project

  • Multithreading up to 64 cores

  • Possibility to add options