CadnaR: Prediction of Noise Levels Inside Rooms

CadnaR is the powerful software tool for the calculation and assessment of sound inside rooms and at workplaces. With its various features and software configurations, CadnaR covers the widest range of indoor acoustic applications from specific planning of noise level reduction measures in production plants to the optimization of rooms under consideration of psychoacoustic parameters.

CadnaR – prediction of sound inside rooms

  • CadnaR is a clearly arranged software enabling the user to easily build models and make precise predictions. When the project becomes more complex you will benefit from the sophisticated input possibilities.

  • CadnaR uses scientific and highly efficient calculation methods. Many acceleration procedures, such as the use of the CUDA cores of your graphics card, enable a fast calculation process.

  • Use modern techniques like scenario comparisons or display of results in 3D to enhance your analysis during the whole assessment process.

  • CadnaR includes a multi-lingual user interface. The functionalities and the handling of CadnaR are nearly identical to CadnaA, enabling an efficient workflow in both fields of expertise.

CadnaR users

Satisfied customers are the best reference. CadnaR is successfully applied in more and more countries all over the world. Our customers are industrial companies, engineering and acoustical consultants, architects, institutes of occupational safety & health, universities and schools.