The solution to outsource your calculation

Overview of CadnaA CL CALC

The product CadnaA CL CALC is designed to outsource calculations to another machine, be it a hardware or virtual machine. Such setup is especially relevant when dealing with high demanding calculations such as large infrastructure projects or the calculation of multiple variants. During calculation, your main license is free to prepare the next project. CadnaA CL CALC includes the following features:

  • Create your model with CadnaA CL Industry, Road, City or any On-Premise license and outsource the calculation to CadnaA running with a CadnaA CL CALC license.
  • All calculation standards of all noise types (industry, road, railway and aircraft) are included.
  • Features of option L, BPL, SET and FLG-Radartracks can be calculated if available on the main license.
  • Evade the expenses associated with additional hardware when using virtual machines like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. With VMs, CPU power is scalable with just a click.
  • Convenient batch processing of files to be calculated. Simply copy/paste files to a shared directory and CadnaA will automatically batch process all files.
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Product information

Check the Scope of Performance document to learn more about CadnaA CL CALC.