Features of CadnaB 2021 MR2

Date of release: August 2021

Watch the following teaser video and learn about the main features of CadnaB 2021:

  • New calculation standard DIN 4109 now available.

  • Auralization between adjacent rooms incl. variant comparison.

  • Requirements browser extended with many predefined requirements.

  • Model your rooms, storeys or even complete buildings with comprehensive modelling tools.

  • Link CadnaB to CadnaA and/or CadnaR for extended calculations from the outside to the inside and vice-versa

Why Should I Update?

CadnaB is a highly advanced software for the calculation of airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms for an entire building.
Due to our fast technical development in the field of the calculation methodologies and other relevant aspects, we highly recommend using the latest version to ensure you are applying the most recent technology.

Customers with a maintenance contract can download the update at the download section.

Customers without maintenance contract can purchase the update directly at Datakustik or at their local distributor

Please learn about the advantages of having a maintenance contract here