New Features of CadnaA 2024

Date of release: June 2024

The following video shows a selection of the most relevant new features included in the CadnaA 2024 release:

  • New ISO 9613-2 (2024) now available!

  • Object attributes per variant. One object - individual attribute values for each project variant.

  • “Copy Attributes” dialog for convenient transfer of object attributes between variants.

  • Simplified syntax for variant access of attributes, e.g. LP1@V1 replacing LP1V01.

Why Should I Update?

CadnaA is a highly advanced software for the prediction and assessment of environmental pollution (air/noise). Significant measures with far reaching consequences are based on the calculated results. In order to keep your software up to date with new or partial changed standards we highly recommend using CadnaA at its latest version.

Customers with a maintenance contract can download the update at the download section.

Customers without maintenance contract can purchase the update directly at DataKustik or at their local distributor

Please learn about the advantages of having a maintenance contract here