BASTIAN Handling and Modelling

BASTIAN features an easy user interface. All situations can be defined according to the standards and efficiently presented thanks to the embedded 3D View.

Handling and Modelling

The calculation of sound transmission with BASTIAN considers all sound transmitting elements and systems which are relevant for a specific room-to-room situation:

  • Numerous junction types for modelling of element connections
  • In addition to the separating and flanking elements, doors and windows can be inserted into the separating construction.
  • Furthermore, flanking elements or even airborne sound transmitting systems, such as ventilation and cable ducts, can be added.

Project Organization

Different variants can be included and therefore compared within the same project file thanks to BASTIAN´s comprehensive interface. Situations can be duplicated within just one mouse click, allowing the modification of materials for comparison or even the configuration of calculations. Furthermore, the room situation (emitting and receiving room) can be inverted, leading to a new scenario.