BASTIAN offers several import / export options. For example, BASTIAN allows the export of full reports into Ms Excel, and even Bitmap sketches can be imported for user-defined materials. Besides that, probably the most impressive feature is the direct connection with CadnaA software.

Connection in real time with CadnaA Software

For the calculation of the airborne sound transmission from the exterior, BASTIAN allows the selection of a number of different pre-defined sources (cars, trains, etc.). But also allows to use immission levels previously calculated with CadnaA as sources in BASTIAN.

Furthermore, BASTIAN can be connected to CadnaA in real time. In such a case, any CadnaA receiver on the facade of buildings can be used as a source in BASTIAN. With the check box "Live-Update" activated the calculation of interior levels in BASTIAN is automatically updated when the user switches to a different variant or day period in the CadnaA file. This feature is especially useful to check for different variants of an immission situation whether a maximumly tolerated interior level is respected or not.