The optional extension AURALISATION for BASTIAN renders the calculated sound insulation audible for various indoor and outdoor sound sources in dependence of the sound absorption characteristics of the receiving room. Besides a realistic audio reproduction, the auralization helps to judge different building situations and gives supplementary information to insulation spectra and single number ratings.

BASTIAN auralization is a pure software solution not requiring any additional hardware besides the internal sound card and an external stereo amplifier.

How auralisation works?

The option AURALISATION includes up to 16 interior (music instruments, stereo players, tools) and 30 exterior (cars, trains, airplanes) measured source signals.

The transmission is modeled by a filter which is specific for the kind of transmission and direction. The calculation of the received signals considers five directions for transmissions according to the binaural head related transfer function (HRTFs).

The reverberation is generated from measured impulse responses in real rooms. By convoluting the selected input signal with the impulse response, the time signal in the receiving room is obtained. The reverberation time and the volume of the receiving room can be selected from a list of 9 typical receiving rooms.

Some applications of auralisation are:

  • Listening to voice and musical instruments with separating walls in office and dwellings
  • Comparison of acoustic minimum requirements

  • Influence of flanking transmission on the resulting performance

  • Influence of reverberation time in the receiving room

  • Performance of exterior walls with thermal insulating compound systems

  • Performance of exterior walls in conjunction with windows

  • Influence of sealing at lightweight double-walls