BASTIAN Features

BASTIAN is the software for predicting the sound insulation in buildings based on the European standard series EN 12354. BASTIAN can be applied to predict the acoustical performance between rooms in apartment and office buildings, between classrooms in schools, and between rooms in hotels or hospitals. Learn more about the major features of BASTIAN:


BASTIAN calculates the sound insulation in third-octave band width and for single number values regarding according to several standards.


Handling / Modelling

BASTIAN features a comprehensive user interface where all modeling tasks are a matter of few mouse clicks. Projects are efficiently organized by setting up variants.


Material Databases

Several databases on building element data are available for BASTIAN which can be ordered by the user independently from the calculation software and based upon the planning purpose.



BASTIAN offers real-time connection to CadnaA software. All results can be exported to Ms Excel spreadsheet or easily printed out to a complete report.



The optional extension Auralisation makes the calculated sound insulation audible for various indoor and outdoor sound sources in dependence of the sound absorption characteristics of the receiving room.