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Import Formats

The following file formats can be imported into CadnaA using its import feature:

· Atlas GIS, former GIS-software by ESRI (until 2001)
· ArcView, shape-file from ArcView/ArcInfo-GIS-software (by ESRI)
· ASCII grid, ASCII-format for grid point data
· ASCII poly, ASCII-format for open or closed polygon-lines
· AutoCad-DXF, AutoCad export format for object geometry (by Autodesk Inc.)
· Building height points, ASCII-format for building height points
· CityGML, format for exchange and storage of virtual 3D city models
· EDBS, format used by the German ordnance surveys
· GML, format used by the UK Ordnance Survey
· GYpSiNOISE, data interchange format CadnaA-GIS
· LimA, format used by LimA software
· MapInfo, format used by MapInfo (by MapInfo Corp.)
· MITHRA, format used by MITHRA software
· NTF, UK National Transfer Format
· QSI, data interchange format according to DIN 45687 and ÖAL 36
· Sicad, GIS-software by AED-SICAD AG
· SLIP, format used by SLIP road noise software
· SOSI, format used by SOSI software (® Ordnance Survey Norwegen)
· SoundPLAN, format used by SoundPLAN software
· Stratis, program system for road design & civil eng. (by RIB Software AG)
· T-Mobil, format used by Deutsche Telekom MobilNet GmbH
· Winput-DGM, ASCII-format by the Bavarian Ordnance Survey, Munich