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Data Acquisition

Depending on the kind of external data an intermediate step for data acquisition can be appropriate or necessary. CadnaA offers various comfortable tools for data aquisition.

Simplify Geometry

One of the main influences on calculation time for noise maps is the number of contour lines that define the terrain model and the number of polygon points in each of these lines. If terrain data are imported from GIS systems or other applications and databases, these lines have been produced from measured heights on grids and the points are calculated with a spacing unnecessary for noise calculations. By the command "Simplify Geometry" unnecessary points are automatically deleted and the size of the file can be reduced apparently.


Adapting Objects to the Ground Model and vice versa

If data from different sources don't fit together neatless very powerful and unique tools can be used in CadnaA to combine these data to an adapted data set. If the road center lines are imported with absolute heights, parts of the road might disappear under the ground. In such cases it must be decided what data are more relyable - those of the ground or those of the road. In the first case the road heights must be changed so that it fits to the terrain surface. But CadnaA offers also a fantastic solution in the second case and modifies the ground model so that it fits to the road heights. This means that new contour lines are integrated that produce earth berms, embankments and cuts. These modifications can be applied with selected objects (not only roads), with objects in defined areas or with all objects of a selected type.

 Object adapted to ground model
 Ground model adapted to object

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