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Air Pollution Calculation

CadnaA with Option APL allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.
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Noise Mapping Austria
The strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. more

CadnaA 64-bit

Calculate even large-scale projects very convenient and fast with CadnaA 64-bit extension! more

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Multi Processor Support

Dual- and quad-core processors are becoming more and more common and offer a reasonable increase in calculation performance when calculating large noise maps. Up-to-date high-performance workstations either come with two dual-core 64-bit-processors (providing 4 CPUs) or even two quad-core 64-bit processors (providing 8 CPUs). These multi-core processors enable to calculate 8 parallel CadnaA-batch-processes in parallel. In comparison, this would have required 8 single PCs in the past. Imagine: You require just a single CadnaA-licence for a multi-core PC able to handle up to 8 processes in parallel! Furthermore, the hardware costs are reasonably lower compared with 8 individual PCs!

CadnaA supports Multithreading

It is required that the software supports the so-called multithreading. CadnaA supports multithreading in a comfortable way. On the dialog "Multithreading" you can decide alternatively to use a single, all available, or a distinct selection of processors to be used for a calculation job. For a PC with two quad-core CPUs eight processes are displayed on the Windows-Task-Manager, all running at 100% CPU-capacity.

By the way: CadnaA is already designed to handle up to 32 parallel processors today and thus is prepared to compete with future hardware developments.

 CadnaA dialog "Multithreading"
 Windows task manager showing 8 parallel tasks