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Air Pollution Calculation

CadnaA with Option APL allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.
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Noise Mapping Austria
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RUNTIME - GIS Integration

CadnaA can be configured to serve as a runtime calculation program of the “silent slave” type. All data required for the calculation of noise maps and noise levels at building facades are prepared within the GIS system. The noise calculation is integrated as an option into the GIS system - the user launches the noise calculation by pressing a single button “Calc Noise”.

All actions are performed automatically without any access required by the user. These actions are:

- Importing shape and database files
- Combining the data to create a complete city model
- Creating an overlaying tile-pattern for the whole area
- Saving this structure in a special directory
- Loading the data for the 1st tile, calculation and saving the resultant data
- Repeating the last step for all tiles
- Loading all partial tile maps and saving the total map
- Exporting the resultant data (grid or facade levels) to GIS system

The user who wants a noise calculation or evaluation based on actual data simply has to press the button “Calc Noise”. The calculation is done with the well known speed and accuracy of CadnaA. You can follow the progress of the calculation on screen, because the entire area is displayed with the calculation tiles - completed tiles are green, tiles that are currently being processed by CadnaA are blue, and tiles which are yet to be calculated are red. When a number of processors or computers are linked with the unique PCSP feature, each one processes a tile at its own full level of performance. At the end the entire noise map is exported to the GIS system and presented on the screen.

 Displaying progress of calculation by CadnaA PartViewer
 Displaying the grid and facade level data calculated by CadnaA Runtime in ArcView


  • Preparation of input data for modeling with established GIS system
  • Automatic import of shape and database files into CadnaA
  • Automatic combination of files, tiling and calculation
  • Fast and accurate calculation strictly in accordance with the selected standards and guidelines
  • Progress of calculation displayed by CadnaA PartViewer
  • Automatic export of the resultant data (grid or facade levels) to GIS system
  • Presentation and evaluation of the noise maps with GIS system