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Air Pollution Calculation

CadnaA with Option APL allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.
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Noise Mapping Austria
The strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. more

CadnaA 64-bit

Calculate even large-scale projects very convenient and fast with CadnaA 64-bit extension! more

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Dynamic 3D - Powerful Dynamic 3D Visualization

CadnaA offers extremely powerful and extensive features for 3D visualization. With just one mouse click any graphic view of your project can be generated. Dynamic 3D allows in realtime to drive through or even fly over your project model, e.g. a city or a large industrial plant. You can move freely within the model or follow a predefined route at a selectable speed. During the move you can use the mouse to rotate your view. You can stop anytime, look around and - by using mouse and arrow keys - continue moving in any direction. A video in AVI format can be created of every tour through the project model.


A real highlight of Dynamic 3D is the possibility to edit objects directly in the 3D view. Stop your tour through the model, click on an object, check the data and edit the data by using the edit dialog where required. The result can be viewed immediately on your screen and the visible consequences of a proposed improvement are visualized. This allows comfortable check and alteration of the model. Due to the power of Dynamic 3D this is possible even within large projects without any restriction. There is no comparable software available with such an excellent 3D visualization.

 Double-clicking in 3D view a house brings up the edit dialog
 Double-clicking in 3D view a railway track opens up the edit dialog


  • Detailed 3D presentation of your project showing all relevant objects
  • Editing of objects in realtime directly within the 3D view
  • Freely move through the model or following of predefined routes
  • Smooth motion even for large scenarios
  • Integration of the mouse for controlling the view and direction of movement
  • Improved use of color in the noise map that is projected on the ground
  • Display of a grid legend
  • Production of videos in AVI format for presentation purposes