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Air Pollution Calculation

CadnaA with Option APL allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.
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Noise Mapping Austria
The strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. more

CadnaA 64-bit

Calculate even large-scale projects very convenient and fast with CadnaA 64-bit extension! more

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PCSP - Distributed Calculation

With the powerful PCSP technology (Program Controlled Segmented Processing) CadnaA handles even large projects, like entire cities or regions, without any problems. The limit for the size of a processable file is normally defined by the capacity of the computer. With distributed calculation using several processors and/or computers even this limit is broken thanks to PCSP. Software-controlled segmentation with user-defined partitioning allows the automatic loading of the segments one after another for calculation. The calculation only affects the RAM, not the hard disk.

To handle such a calculation task with PCSP, the total project first is subdivided into rectangles that fit together and then saved to a specific folder. CadnaA now loads independently one part of the project limited by one of the rectangles plus an excess length. After calculation this rectangle is saved and the next rectangle is processed.

Because CadnaA supports multithreading, parts of the project can also be calculated in parallel with several processors of a multi-core computer. PCSP automatically organizes and manages the required processes. If several computers with CadnaA licences are available for calculation within a network, they can also work on the same project file at the same time. If there are not for all computers CadnaA licences available, Option CALC offers a cost-saving solution for distributed calculation in a network.