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Option 64 - CadnaA 64-bit Version

Calculation of large-scale projects as well as of very detailed projects is limited within 32-bit software by a maximum 2GB addressable main memory. But, with CadnaA 64-bit version this limitation exists no longer! Option 64 increases the processable total data volume by a factor of 4,000,000,000. Even noise maps of entire countries or large-area 1m grids can be calculated very fast and conveniently.

Support of up to 64GB RAM leads to an enormous performance improvement. Extensive calculations and analysis now can be done in a single run instead of one by one as this is the case with 32-bit software. This is possible because CadnaA 64-bit handles even with large amount of data (e.g. terrain model, all buildings, detailed grids) within a single project file. Partitioning of the project, calculation of overlaps and consolidation of the calculated sections is not necessary anymore. Project handling becomes, therefore, much more efficient, timesaving and simple.

Since most notably large-scale and complex projects can benefit from using the CadnaA 64-bit version, a hardware configuration with 4GB or more memory is recommended. Requirements are a processor with 64-bit extension (x86-64, EM64T, Intel64, AMD64) as well as a 64-bit Windows operating system.

CadnaA - worldwide the first 64-bit noise calculation, noise prediction and noise mapping software available!

 Noise map greater Stuttgart


  • Enormous performance improvement due to support of up to 64GB RAM
  • Extensive calculations and analysis in a single run instead of one by one as this is the case with 32-bit software
  • Significantly more efficient and more timesaving handling of large-scale projects
  • Detailed calculation e.g. with 1m grids
  • Advanced calculation speed