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Noise Mapping Austria
The strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. more

Air Pollution Calculation

CadnaA with Option APL allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.
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CadnaA Extensions

CadnaA offers already numerous powerful features. But with the following extensions you can even increase the range of features to get your work organized in a more efficient way or to enter new fields of application.

Option BMP: Bitmap Handling
Importing, rotating, scaling and combining of scanned maps and pictures serving as background. More than 60 different file formats are supported.

Option BPL: Backtracing of Sound Power Levels
Automatic or manual optimization of noise emission. Calibration of area sources of which the pressure level at distinct receiver points is known or has been measured, while the sound power level (SPL) or the SPL per unit area is unknown. Automatic fixation of noise quota.

Option SET: Sound Emission and Transmission
Generation of sound power spectra based on technical system parameters. Modeling of complex facilities and devices with multiple sound sources and radiating surfaces.

Option XL: Strategic Noise Mapping
Calculation with unlimited number of screening objects for noise mapping of larger areas (like cities) and noise mapping projects according to the EC-Environmental Noise Directive (END). Additional extended features such as Object-scan, population density, conflict maps and monetary evaluation.

Option FLG: Aircraft Noise
Calculation of noise contours around airports according to all relevant standards (AzB, ECAC, DIN). Aircraft noise results can be combined with all other noise types (industry, road, railway).

Option APL: Air Pollution
Calculation of air pollutants distribution e.g. for PM10 (fine particles), NO2, NOX, SO2 and benzene. Exposure maps for all above named air pollutants for industrial and road sources.  Import of annual or multi-annual statistics of meteorological parameters. Standardized emission factors for road traffic.

Option 64: CadnaA 64-bit Version
CadnaA Option 64 leads to an enormous performance improvement. With CadnaA 64-bit version extensive calculations and analysis can be done much more efficient and timesaving.

Option CALC: Distributed Calculation in a network
Calculation of complex projects with several computers simultanously in a network.