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Get an audible impression of the impact of different measures in building construction on the resulting sound field in the receiving room. more


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BASTIAN - The Building Acoustics Planning System

BASTIAN is the software to calculate airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms in buildings and airborne sound transmission from the exterior. The calculations in BASTIAN are based on parts 1 to 3 of the European Standard series EN 12354, being adopted by the majority of the European countries as part of their national standards. Therefore, these calculation procedures form the common basis for the prognosis of sound insulation of buildings. BASTIAN can be applied to predict the acoustical performance between rooms in apartment and office buildings, beetween classrooms in schools, and between rooms in hotels or hospitals.

BASTIAN offers several databases supplying the acoustical data of a number of building elements, as there are walls, floors, roofs, facades, additional layers (wall linings und floating floors), and windows, doors and glazings.

The optional extension BASTIAN auralization renders the calculation results for airborne sound transmission between rooms and from the outside audible for various interior and exterior sound sources and for different kinds of receiving rooms. BASTIAN auralization is a pure software solution, not requiring any additional hardware.