Noise Mapping Vancouver

May 30, 2008
Within a research project led by the University of British Columbia (UBC), School of Environmental Health, noise maps of Metro Vancouver, Canada, are being produced at the moment. Mapping of the region will be the first noise mapping project of this scale in North America. CadnaA, the worldwide leading noise mapping software, is used for calculation.

The UBC project team decided in favor for CadnaA because of its outstanding calculation speed, its convenient management of large scale projects, its numerous import/export interfaces and because of its many powerful analysis and presentation features. Within this challenging project (with almost 4000 km of major roads) UBC runs CadnaA 64-bit version with extension XL (strategic noise mapping), extension CALC (distributed calculation within a network) and extension BMP (bitmap handling).

UBC website "Metro Vancouver Noise Map"
Noise mapping with CadnaA
CadnaA 64-bit version
CadnaA extensions