Noise Mapping Austria

January 27, 2009
Within the scope of the implementation of the EC Directive on environmental noise, the strategic noise maps for all of Austria were calculated with CadnaA. The project carried out by ACCON GmbH (Acoustical Consultants) covered all major roads and railroad lines within Austria. Noise maps and all relevant statistics according to the EC Directive were produced for 2100 km of roads, 550 km of railroads, and a total area of more than 8000 km².

 Map of project area

The noise maps were provided nationwide on a scale of 1:5000. Statistics were done for the country, for each state and also for each of the approx. 850 municipalities. In addition hot spot analysis were carried out and exposure of inhabitants was evaluated. The noise maps of Austria are published online at

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CadnaA is worldwide the leading noise mapping software. Powerful features for modeling and presentation, fast calculation and ease of use make CadnaA the perfect tool for handling of all noise mapping projects according to the EC Directive.

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