Noise Database Switzerland

August 11, 2009
The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) published the results of Swiss national noise mapping and analysis. The sonBASE noise monitoring system developed by the FOEN over three years provides scientifically based, nationwide conclusions for the first time on the extent of current noise pollution in Switzerland. Strategic scenarios which model and analyse different noise situations, and forecasts of trends in traffic growth are also possible and provide a sound basis for strategies to reduce noise pollution.

Largest noise mapping project worlwide

 Road noise Lr

Comprehensive noise mapping across the whole of Switzerland and for the principle noise sources - road, rail and air traffic - was computed and statistically analysed. With a mapped area of more than 41,000 km² and covering over 75,000 km of roads, 3,000 km of railways and 70 aerodromes, the noise database Switzerland is the largest noise mapping project worldwide.

GIS integration with CadnaA for noise calculation

Heart of the sonBASE noise monitoring system is a homogeneous Geographical Information System (GIS), based on ESRI ArcGIS, Oracle database and CadnaA for noise calculation (road and railway noise). The system supports the user in all the process steps - from data import through data validation and completion to noise calculation, analysis and export of the results. A tool called “Daemon” which communicates with the GIS system via the database is used to control and monitor the noise calculations. The data relevant to noise is exported in a fully automatic manner, is determined and monitored in CadnaA and the results are then reimported to the GIS. SonBase offers a range of noise calculations (actual status, scenarios and forecasts) as well as fully automatically generated standard analyses (e.g. number of people, buildings, dwellings, surface area affected by noise). SonBase supports the requirements of the creation of strategic noise maps under the EU Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC.

CadnaA is the leading noise calculation and noise mapping software. All steps within a noise mapping project can be handled fast and efficient.

Noise mapping with CadnaA
CadnaA GIS integration
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