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You are here: Object Modifications

Object Modifications

General Information

The chapter "Object Modifications" deals with modification possibilities that exceed the elementary ones discussed in the chapter Basics. The modifications presented here are a bit more sophisticated, but provide a huge amount of flexibility.


The chapter starts with object transformations and duplications. These are conducted via the context-menu and allow a very precise modification.
To reuse the properties of certain objects, they can be converted. This is shown in the next step using the example of a cylinder.
The chapter goes on with the refinement of objects, which can be used for various items like roads or railways. For example, the creation of walls and parallel objects is explained.
The chapter ends with the presentation of two concepts of working with large amounts of objects: The "Modify objects" menu (illustrated with actions that were used for single objects in the chapter Basics, e.g. the creation of building evaluations) and the "tables", which can be used for sorting issues and object modifications.


The chapter Basics is a precondition for all sections in this chapter.
The chapter Roads might be interesting, too, because the topic is touched in one section.

Further Information

The concepts illustrated in this chapter are used in other chapters. Tables appear in the chapters Extended Analysis, Project Management, Obstacles and Import and Export; the "Modify Objects" menu appears in the chapters Project Management and Noise Mapping.


Download the files needed for this chapter.