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Noise Mapping

General Information

This chapter shows how easy it is to perform Noise Mapping with CadnaA; the focus is on Noise Mapping according to the EC directive 2002/49/EC on environmental noise. The chapter contains aspects from other tutorial chapters (such as Import and Export or Extended Analysis) needed for noise mapping purposes.


The first focus is on importing relevant objects into CadnaA. In this example, contour lines, roads and buildings are imported via ArcView. The terrain still needs to be fit to the roads, which is done in the same section.
The next step is the calculation of a horizontal noise map, which is done according to the settings of the EC directive for the evaluation parameters Lden and Ln.
Afterwards, noise indicators are calculated at the most exposed facades. In CadnaA, this is done with the Building Evaluation.
Next is the illustration of how to evaluate the number of exposed inhabitants. This can easily be achieved with the Object Scan.
The chapter ends with an example of Dynmap, a feature that allows updating a grid depending on changed inputs like measurements or new traffic data. 


The principles in this chapter can also be found in other chapters, sometimes to an even larger extent. These chapters are  Basics, Roads, DTM, Project Management, Extended Analysis and Import and Export. It is generally recommended to work through the other chapters before starting with Noise Mapping.

Further Information

The provided information is not explicitly used in further chapters. In the chapter Verteiltes Rechnen there is also a grid calculation, though.


Download the files needed for this chapter.