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Import and Export

General Information

This chapter gives insight in some of the most common import- and export possibilities in CadnaA.


The chapter begins with bitmap handling. It is shown how bitmaps are imported (from a file or from Google Earth) and calibrated, how you can use them as template for modeling and how to export them in different ways.
Import is then demonstrated for DXF files and for Excel files via ODBC, the Open Database Connectivity.
In the last sections, import and export of ArcView Shape files and the import of QSI files are illustrated.


The content from the chapter Basics is needed for dealing with import and export. As some of the sections contain information about tables and roads, working through the chapters Object Modifications and Roads additionally provides an even better basis for this chapter.

Further Information

A part of the Noise Mapping process is the import of data, so the contents of this chapter are needed for the chapter Noise Mapping.


Download the files needed for this chapter.