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Extended Analysis

General Information

CadnaA, especially with the XL option, offers interesting possibilities to work with data stored in objects. Different types of summing up inhabitants are possible, which can for example be useful to fulfill the demands of the EC directive 2002/49/EC.


The chapter starts with a section about coloring objects based on data. This means that the coloring is either based on single values or on complex formulae.
Other possibilities of data analysis are given by the object scan, which is a versatile tool for producing and displaying data of any type of object. The tutorial gives examples of how to sum up data in target objects, grids or tables.
The chapter ends by illustrating how to specify population density.


It is important to work through the Basics chapter before starting with extended analysis. As the chapter contains tables, working through the chapter Object Modifications is also a good idea.

Further Information

Object Scan and the specification of population density are important steps for Noise Mapping according to the EC directive, so this chapter is useful before beginning with the later chapter Noise Mapping.


Download the files needed for this chapter.