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Distributed Calculation

General Information

This chapter illustrates the possibilities using PCSP, the Program Controlled Segmented Processing. With this technique, whole projects can be divided into several parts, which then can be calculated by several computers at a time. You do not need to have more than one computer to work through this chapter.


The first section deals with the necessary setup needed for PCSP calculations. This includes program settings as well as the correct names for in- and output folders. In the second section, the actual distributed calculation is shown using the example of a small town.


In the presented example, the PCSP is used for calculating a grid, which is a common utilization. It is assumed that regular grid calculation is known to the user. This knowledge should at least include the information about horizontal grids and grid arithmetics presented in the Basics chapter. Working through the Noise Mapping chapter may also be helpful.

Further Information

The provided information is not used in further chapters.


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