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Welcome to the CadnaA Webtutorial

Welcome to the new CadnaA webtutorial. On this site we offer videos for different subject matter; especially new users will find the tutorial helpful for starting to work with CadnaA. But even experienced users can inform themselves in and learn from the different topics.

The webtutorial is structured in 13 chapters; beginners are presented a capacious overview as well as essential work steps in Basics. Every chapter consists of several sections, where the actual videos can be chosen. You should work through the videos of a section sequentially. Please take "work through" literally; the learning effect will be best if you don't only watch the examples, but reproduce them directly in CadnaA. The files needed for this can be downloaded for each chapter on the respective page. The videos are in Flash format; you can easily stop, rewind or skip parts of them according to your CadnaA knowledge.

For some chapters and sections you'll need the knowledge from previous chapters; especially the basics chapter serves as reference for later. The text in each chapter states what must be known before the start.