Modelling and object modifications

This tutorial section deals with more sophisticated object modification possibilities, which provide great flexibility and efficiency while creating a CadnaA-model. The section starts with the actions Transformation and Duplication. Then, more actions related to the refinement of objects are presented, including creation of parallel objects or conversion of objects into other types so their properties can be re-used. These and more are conducted via the context-menu and allow a modification of objects depending on the individual needs.

Last but not least, this tutorial section presents two concepts of working with a large number of objects: The "Modify objects" menu (illustrated with actions that were used for single objects in the chapter "Getting Started", e.g. the creation of building evaluations) and the use of object tables, which can be used for sorting issues and object modifications.

Lesson Info Example files Available Language
Tutorial 01: Transformation and duplication (6:40)
Tutorial 02: The context menu (9:59)
Tutorial 03: The "modify objects" menu (8:51)