CadnaA web tutorials

Welcome to our CadnaA Web-Tutorials. The web-tutorial is structured in different series containing a number of videos. 

Beginners are presented a capacious overview as well as essential work steps in this Getting Started section. Every section consists of several videos, You should work through the videos of a section sequentially. Please take "work through" literally; the learning effect will be best if you don't only watch the examples, but reproduce them directly in CadnaA. The files needed for this can be downloaded for each tutorial by pressing the download link.

Getting Started Tutorials

Lesson Info Example files Available Language
Tutorial 01: Changing and Saving Settings (4:00)
Tutorial 02: Entering and Editing Objects (7:04)
Tutorial 03: Zooming and Synchronizing (3:50)
Tutorial 04: Basics of sound calculation (8:36)
Tutorial 05: Grid calculation (6:40)
Tutorial 06: Building Evaluations (6:40)